The advantages to teaching in an alternative school
My students are the ones who weren’t successful in regular school. They sat in the back, plugged in their earbuds while you were talking to them, socialized at inappropriate times, got written up, got into fights, brought drugs to school or got high at lunch and came back for afternoon classes red-eyed and stinking of weed. You’re a teacher too, so you know the ones I’m talking about. You have a lot of students to teach and in your secret heart of hearts were probably not sorry to see these troublemakers transferred out.…Read more »
I quit my last teaching job because of a corporate curriculum
Two years ago, I sent this final email to my colleagues at a suburban high school near Seattle. The curriculum I’m blasting is SpringBoard, a product of College Board. As many of you know, I resigned from S******** exactly two weeks ago, and Bill graciously accepted my resignation. I’ve still been in the saddle because HR asked me to stay to help ease the transition. Last night, I was told that today is my last day. So, starting next Monday, I will be teaching alternative ed in the Seattle School District. Those of…Read more »
Why I don’t say the word, “karate”
I don’t like the word “karate.” There’s nothing wrong with the word itself, or the martial art; it’s speaking the word that makes me uncomfortable, like I’m sitting on a sharp edge of my cell phone. If I say it the correct way, the Japanese way, I sound pretentious. If I say it the way people in America say it, it grates on my ear. I saw an old Italian man in a documentary pronounce it in a way that was much closer to the original pronunciation yet still very Italian: ka-ra-dé. As…Read more »