Satire is everywhere
Students text memes to each other under the table during your class. Instead of doing their schoolwork, they laugh at Facebook videos making fun of hipsters or old people (you know, people over 25). They watch Saturday Night Live. They watch South Park re-runs and streaming series like The Tick. They laugh and they laugh. They’re enjoying satire. They just don’t know that’s what it’s called. That’s where you come in. I used to teach satire as a supporting lesson after the class read Orwell’s Animal Farm. If I could go back in…Read more »
School vouchers: a bad deal
My wife and I love to eat out. It’s our favorite thing to do on a Friday night. But eating out is expensive, and I’m not one of those guys who doesn’t have to look at the prices when he orders. When I get a coupon for a restaurant I want to try, it always seems like there are restrictions that make it so I can’t actually use it. It doesn’t apply on Fridays or Saturdays. Or it applies only to a prix fixe menu that doesn’t include the dish the restaurant is…Read more »
Are “protagonist” and “main character” synonymous?
My characterization video makes a statement that some people will think is incorrect. I say that the protagonist is “the good guy,” as opposed to the antagonist, who is “the bad guy.” This is an oversimplification of the sort that teachers often use when introducing complex concepts to young people. The kids get the gist quickly and can be taught the finer points as they try to use the terms. I go on in the video to say that not all main characters are protagonists. And that’s where some viewers will protest. In…Read more »
Welcome to!
Welcome! Aloha! My shiny new website ( features all the videos from my YouTube channel. The videos are organized into six categories: Essay Composition, Literature, Poetry Writing, Other Writing Assignments, Fiction Elements, and Grammar. At least for the moment, the videos will be available both here and on YouTube. The primary reason for the website is to give more people access to the videos. A lot of schools block YouTube because for some mysterious reason, students would rather watch skateboarding fails and funny cat videos than pay attention to their teachers’ instruction, and…Read more »